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BMW Children Safety, BMW Cares.

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Project Brief

BMW Taiwan plans to utilize online interactive marketing on their Facebook fan page to promote the importance of child safety and the significance of blind spots in driving, coinciding with Children's Day. Through mechanisms such as sharing and commenting, they aim to disseminate this message and foster a deeper understanding of the issue within the society. Additionally, this initiative serves as an opportunity to raise awareness of BMW Taiwan's contributions to corporate social responsibility among the general public.

BMW Taiwan總代理汎德計劃在兒童節當天,透過網路互動行銷的方式,在其Facebook粉絲專頁上與消費者互動,以宣傳兒童安全和行車死角的安全重要性。透過分享和留言的機制來傳播這個訊息,讓整個社會更深入了解這個議題。同時,藉此讓大眾瞭解BMW Taiwan對企業社會責任所做出的貢獻。




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Our Communication Strategy

Due to the visual blind spots in driving, accidents are often caused by different perspectives being obscured or due to driver negligence, leading to concerns and dangers in traffic safety. Therefore, the issue of child safety is something we need to care about and discuss. By viewing cars from the perspectives of both adults and children, the disparity in perspectives becomes the main focus for strategy development.

由於行車上的視覺死角常常引起交通事故,不同的視角常因為遮蔽或是駕駛者的疏忽,產生交通安全上的疑慮與危險 ; 而孩童安全這議題是我們需要去關心與探討,以大人的視角與小孩的視角觀看汽車,視角的落差為策略發展主軸。 所以我們要營造出:「小孩的視角與大人的高度視角是有極大的差異,應從孩子的角度看世界,打造無微不至的守護」

Our Creative Concept:

Creative Concept: We aim to present the concept from the low perspective of a child, highlighting the relative enormity of cars to children and the resulting phenomenon known as blind spots. To convey this communication issue in an engaging and informative manner, our creative concept utilizes the contrast between large and small perspectives, combined with dynamic visuals. This approach captivates viewers' attention and enhances their understanding of the specific details to pay attention to in terms of traffic safety.


The Solution

We conduct an online campaign, engaging with consumers on the Facebook fan page of Fandee, the authorized dealer of BMW Taiwan. Through mechanisms such as sharing and commenting, we will disseminate this message to foster a deeper understanding of this issue within the entire society. Simultaneously, our objective is to use this campaign to raise awareness among the public about BMW Taiwan's contributions to corporate social responsibility.

我們執行製作了一項網路活動,在BMW Taiwan的總代理汎德的Facebook粉絲專頁上與消費者互動。通過分享和留言的機制,我們將傳播這個訊息,讓整個社會更深入地了解這個議題。同時,我們希望透過這個活動讓大眾了解BMW Taiwan在企業社會責任方面所做出的貢獻。


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